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Thank you to all those who attended Vertican’s inaugural Virtual Town Square event!

Attendance for this week of general sessions, webinars, workshops, roundtable discussions, health checks, and social events, was better than we expected. We hope everyone who participated in an event, walked away more knowledgeable and better equipped.

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Isaac Goldman Kurt Sund John Currey Luis Gomez and Nicholas Arcaro
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General Sessions

Where is Vertican Today?

Isaac Goldman, Vertican’s CEO, will explain where Vertican is, how it got there, and where it’s going. Catch up with Vertican in this ever-changing social and economic climate by signing up for Where is Vertican Today?

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Q-LawE Progress Report

Kurt Sund, Vertican’s Chief Technology Officer, is always enthusiastic about Q-LawE and the new features added to it. Join him for The Q-LawE Progress Report not only to find out what’s new, but what upcoming features he and his team are working on.

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What’s New in Collection-Master?

Have you recently upgraded Collection-Master and want to find out about all the new features? Well John Currey, Vertican’s Senior Vice President of Technical Services, can help you with that. Sign up for What’s New in Collection-Master and maximize your time in the latest version of Collection-Master.

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What’s New in vMedia?

vMedia, a repository and management tool for all things media, has several new features including Spectrum Importer Grab ‘n Go, which targets specific areas of scanned documentation. To get more details on this and other new features, join Development Engineer, Thomas Filliman, for What’s New in vMedia?

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Comparing Q-LawE and Q-Law – What’s the Difference?

Ever wondered what’s the difference between Q-LawE and Q-Law? SQL and Fox? Want to know what the “E” stands for?  Sign up for Comparing Q-Law and Q-LawE What’s the Difference? and Kurt Sund, Vertican’s Chief Technology Officer, and Will Higginbotham, Vertican Business System Analyst, will explain the differences and answer all your questions.

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Comparing Q-LawE and Collection-Master – What’s the Difference?

Are you Q-LawE curious? Wondering which software will better suit your needs? Well then you should sign up for Comparing Collection-Master and Q-LawE. What’s the Difference?  The session will be  presented by John Currey, Vertican’s Senior Vice President of Technical Services, and Kurt Sund, Vertican’s Chief Technology Officer.

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vSquare Social Events

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A Virtual Wine Tasting with a Sommelier

Hosted by Nicholas Arcaro with experienced sommelier Julie Vose, all attendees received a full-bodied wine basket with something for every taste palate. For two hours participants enjoyed delicious wines and great company, with the flexibility to mingle with other guests and enjoy all the night has to offer using Zoom’s breakout room feature.

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Vertican cigars

Roll with Us: Vertican’s Virtual Cigar Rolling Event

Hosted by Isaac Goldman and experienced tobacconist, Joey Mac Dizon, CEO of The Mobile Cigar Lounge, this event showed participants how to roll like a professional while explaining the history and origin of cigars. Each participant was sent a branded cigar box filled with Cuban style hand rolled branded cigars and accessories.


Meeting of the Minds: a Virtual Cocktail Party

The minds of Vertican; Kurt Sund, John Currey, Luis Gomez, Michelle Samlaska, Joe Woodward, and more, shook up their favorite cocktails and discussed everything from what’s new at Vertican to their thoughts on the new normal. Specially selected cocktail kits and amazing magic from Vertican’s in-house magician, Joe Woodward, made for a fun-filled evening.