vExchange is your only EDI

• Comprehensive Proprietary Data Standard – 5000+ unique fields and 159 record types
• Intelligent Databases – field-level validation upon import to ensure data integrity
• Web application that facilitates the secure round trip transmission and analysis of data
• Complete ETL (extract, transform, load) processing through Business Adapters
• Replaces the need to build and maintain in-application EDIs (i.e. in Collection-Master or Q-Law)

vExchange is your last EDI

• 1 to Many – vExchange will interface with all claim forwarders
• Many to 1 – vExchange will interface with all claim receivers
• vExchange will connect to all third-party and fourth-party vendors
• vExchange will connect to all other proprietary EDIs through proprietary Business Adapters
• vExchange is the future and will replace YGC


What is vExchange?… Data, Validation, and Analytics

YGC vs vExchange

vExchange is More Connected

vExchange Connects:

Receivers to Forwarders on its network
Receivers to Forwarders outside its network
Third-party vendors

YGC Connects:

Receivers to Forwarders only on its network

YGC vs vExchange processing
YGC has one database vExchange has 3 databases

vExchange – All the data; all the time

• One initial onboarding process that includes all claims means adding new client interface will be handled at the vExchange level.

• Third-party interfaces such as waterfall vendors will be available on all hosted accounts. Setting up new waterfall processes will be managed as business rules in vExchange.

• KPI and report analytics offered by vExchange are much more meaningful when run on all claim data. It enables you to make intelligent business decisions to streamline your operation.

YGC – Some of the data; some of the time

• Adding each new interface will require a cumbersome mapping/onboarding process every time.

• Third-party interfaces such as waterfall vendors will be handled within the software application and requires tedious developments and maintenance.

• Any KPI and report analytics will only be reflecting the client portfolio, offering little guidance to you, the business owner, in making smart decisions.

Benefit of vExchange

The cost savings of just ONE interface — ONE interface to all third-party and fourth-party vendors

  • vExchange is not limited to just placements or EDI reports.
  • Interfaces with third-party and fourth-party vendors.
  • Working with a new vendor will simply involve enabling the service.
  • vExchange will be able to provide these services regardless of how the claim was placed with the law firm.

Reduce the burden of maintaining your vendor interfaces.
Fewer mistakes. Lower labor cost.

Technology of vExchange

Follow vExchange on its road to faster data validation,  lower costs, and better performance.

vExchange data delivery

Sorting & Data Delivery: The Mailman

Storing and sorting the data is vExchange’s mailman functionality. It is where everything gets bundled, unpacked, validated, prepped for analytics, and delivered.

vExchange data validation


vExchange can validate based on formatting or business rules, which can include adding up judgment components and proper pre-defined status codes used based upon pre-defined conditions.

vExchange data analytics


vExchange’s data link is where all reports are built, from a treetop aggregated view all the way down to the individual claim level; performance, liquidation, and key events.

vExchange data storage


Both secure and compliant, vExchange’s data centers meet all the required security certifications – SSAE 16; PCI DSS; SOC (formerly SAS 70); SAFE HARBOR

WHY vExchange?
vExchange Cutting edge

Cutting Edge

Vertican’s 20XX vision is to create technology in support of the ARM industry. By continuing to anticipate and innovate, our goal is to help our clients stay ahead as the industry evolves.

vExchange Resources

Better Use of Resources

In the old model (in-application EDI), creating and maintaining EDI interfaces required a huge effort from software developers. Now with vExchange, Business System Analysts with in-depth knowledge of the workings of the ARM industry will be charged to build Business Adapters.

Win Win Scenario

The Win-Win Scenario

The ARM industry will continue to demand better data interfacing technology. With vExchange, Vertican can deliver effective solutions to our clients.