vCon 2019 Sessions

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Collection-Master Sessions for vCon 2019

9.1 Features & Enhancements
– Overview of the features and enhancements made available in CM 9.1.

SQL Sync
– Power of SQL and CM Data, Custom Reports, Files.

CM General Automation
– Field Level Events (FLEs), EDI Field Level Events (EFLEs), Formulas, FnScripts, Paperless EDI (PEDI), Diary Chains, Call Screen.

CM IT Automation
– Indexing, Reporting, Importing/Exporting EDIs, Queue Monitor.

Breaking Down Workflow I & II
– Sizing the processes you are running in order to identify inefficiencies, bottlenecks, and where automation may be implemented.

Did You Know?
– Learn a variety of hidden tips and tricks for using CM.

– Dive deeper into FnScripts.

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Q-Law Sessions for vCon 2019

What’s New
– Overview of the features and enhancements made available in the latest version of Q-Law.

– Overview of the complimentary module which assists with the various reviews that are required during the life of the claim. Fully customizable.

Automation – Advanced DDAS
– Automating processes through advanced reporting and query writing of the powerful DDAS feature.

Breaking Down Workflow I
– How to size the processes your staff is already running to identify inefficiencies.

Breaking Down Workflow II
– The Automation Pyramid and how to configure it in your office. Take identified inefficiencies and learn how you can automate more effectively.

Report & Query / Vendor Export Writing
– Understanding how to write reports/exports in Q-LawE. When are reports/exports remote queries versus local queries? Using SQL commands versus FoxPro commands.

Advanced Document Programming
– Learn the power of Word if/then statements. Understand how the extended merge data source can benefit you. Using and maintaining the custom field table.

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vExchange Sessions for vCon 2019

The Power of vExchange Analytics
– How vExchange Analytics can provide an in-depth review of your business metrics.

On-boarding to vExchange
– How to do it.

Using data to Drive and Improve Performance and Inventory Management
– KPI’s, the sharing of best practices in minimaxing collection and inventory management principals, and concepts and legal collection strategies.

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Sessions for vCon 2019

Media Automation through vMedia
– Spectrum Importer, vParser/Command Line, MS outlook plugin, Barcoding, and File to vMedia.

Media Automation 2
– Spectrum Importer, SpectrumCMD, vParser, vParserCMD, Barcoding, FTV, and Merge-Media.

Media Automation 3
– SendTo_vMedia including automatic filing, folder processing, MS Outlook processing, and profiles.

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General Sessions for vCon 2019

Business Problems in a 2019 Collection Firm
– Open discussion on business issues and possible solutions.

Managing Millennials
– How to manage millennial employees and collect from millennial consumers.

– Compliance Module.

Compliance Round Table
– Round table discussion around the various compliance requirements faced by the industry.

Vendor Round Table
– Round table discussion with the vendors.