Vertican Stimulus Package

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While the Covid-19 pandemic has left companies scrambling to survive, the Vertican team has been working day and night to convert your business needs into solutions, including:

• Free modules/features including setup instruction and group online training
• Free group training/consultation on COVID-19-related urgent requirements

The Emergency Relief Stimulus Package mission is to bring you some relief, but we won’t stop here. Contact Nicholas Arcaro so we can talk about your payment collection roadblocks and how we can help.

Making existing Licensed Software FREE               


4-Gig Limit – Free ($5,000 value) 

  • Expands record locking from 32-bit to 64-bit, which increases the Collection-Master file size to beyond the previous 4-gigabyte limit 

  • This will decrease the number of incidents when approaching your limit and need to Archive.

*Note: If you already have the 4-gig limit, you are NOT entitled to a refund.

CM_EDI – Free ($119.99/month value) 

  • CM_EDI updating tool allows flexibility in how you import data.

  • This EDI allows you to update almost anything in Collection-Master; without it, alternative options require more time and effort.

*Note: If you already have CM_EDI, your subscription is free as of 04/01/2020.

Multi-State – Free ($119.99/month value)

  • Existing and new states purchased within the year have no monthly charge until 01/01/2021.

  • Multi-State allows you to practice in multiple states while still being supported by your Collection-Master system.

  • Multi-State provides for customized financial settings for each licensed/registered state.

  • Having multiple states previously set up for:

    • [2-S-6] Filing Fee Structure

    • [2-S-6] Special Rates

    • [2-S-2] Disbursement Checks

    • [1-S-4-W] Interest and Legal and Stat Fee calculations eliminates time changing settings.

  • Having permanent setup options for each state eliminates errors in changing settings.


Flat file

  • Decreases the time to open new case placements.

  • Enables you to mass import case placements in a matter of minutes once the mapping is built.

Vendor Import

  • Saves data entry time.

  • Once you have a file open in Q-Law/Q-Law-E, you can import data into the accounts.

    • For example, mass import data from vendors or data field updates from your clients.

Bar Coding

  • Enables you to place a bar code on incoming mail pieces or on pleadings.

  • When the items are received by your office, you will scan them to a folder. Then the bar code reader will be able to identify the items in the folder; assign them to an account with a docid, description; and/or folder and finally move them into the files.

Doc Batch Import

  • If you receive a lot of documents electronically.

    • Example: your client sends you a zip file of documents for new case placements.

  • You can mass import those documents into the files in a matter of minutes.

    • Disclosure – the naming convention of the document MUST include one of the following: Ourfile, custfile, fccustfile, ncustfile, or preourfile for identification purposes.

Please email our Q-Law Support Team for more information.

If you are an SQL user and already have these modules, we encourage you to join the appropriate Town Halls for additional training.

Common Questions:

  1. How can we take advantage of these benefits?

    • Purchase on vPortal, charges are waived.

  2. What if we have already been paying a monthly fee for modules (i.e. CM_EDI, Multi-State)?

    • As of 04/01/2020, this monthly charge has been deducted from your invoice.

Training and Town Halls


Vertican is holding free training and Town Hall meetings presented by members of our client services team. Topics range from navigating through issues impacting the collection industry to product-user interface to using newly available tools.

We’re here to keep you informed, help answer questions and provide solutions. For topics and registration, please follow this link to Vertican’s Upcoming Training Schedule.