vExchange EDI


What is vExchange?… Data, Validation, and Analytics


Where data is initially validated and loaded.
Custom business rules (also referred to as gates or validation) can be created to ensure compliance with standards, check for data hygiene, etc.


Where claims are stored.
An excellent backup solution and vExchange data may be used to rebuild data back into your case management software application.

Where the reporting is built.
Everything from liquidation reports, key event reports, and forecasts can be made from the vExchange data.



vExchange is your only EDI

• Comprehensive Proprietary Data Standard – 5000+ unique fields and 178 record types
• Intelligent Databases – field-level validation upon import to ensure data integrity
• Web application that facilitates the secure round trip transmission and analysis of data
• Complete ETL (extract, transform, load) processing through Business Adapters
• Replaces the need to build and maintain in-application EDIs (i.e. in Collection-Master or Q-LawE)

vExchange is your last EDI

• 1 to Many – vExchange will interface with all claim forwarders
• Many to 1 – vExchange will interface with all claim receivers
• vExchange will connect to all third-party and fourth-party vendors
• vExchange will connect to all other proprietary EDIs through proprietary Business Adapters or DTPs (Data Transformation Process)
• vExchange is the future and will replace YGC

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