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31 03, 2021

vExchange Dashboard, Fornax, Released

By |2021-06-28T15:46:19-04:00March 31st, 2021|vExchange, vForum|Comments Off on vExchange Dashboard, Fornax, Released

The latest version of the vExchange dashboard, Fornax, has been released. The focus of this release is to improve performance. Enhancements include: Performance improvements across all reports making navigation quicker. Moved the SOL Ageing report to the new General Reports folder, where we place new reports coming up in future releases New "Record” column added to all panels in Account Details to quickly locate data. New "Phone Number" column added to the Debtor Info panel. Added Rules 113 and 114. Added a new Status Code Validity Report to the Tools folder, reporting which vExchange codes are currently accepted by the forwarder. Bug fixes [...]

2 03, 2021

CMvX Remittance File Uploading to vExchange

By |2021-06-28T15:47:50-04:00March 2nd, 2021|collection- master, vExchange, vForum|Comments Off on CMvX Remittance File Uploading to vExchange

Don’t forget to submit your remittance reports to vExchange! The CMvX remittance reports are separate from the daily CMvX export file. They are created as remittances, and are run and saved in CLSINC\EDI_FILES. To identify your CMvX remittance reports, simply look for a naming convention starting with CMVX and ending in .RMT, e.g., CMVX0009_20210127160628.RMT. The remittance reports need to be uploaded to vExchange the same way that the daily export files are uploaded.

22 05, 2020

vExchange Open Forum

By |2021-06-28T16:35:57-04:00May 22nd, 2020|Stimulus, vExchange, vForum|13 Comments

We will be hosting a vExchange Open Forum on Thursday, May 28th at 3 p.m. We would like to hear the current challenges you are facing using vExchange. This forum will be hosted by the vExchange Gurus. Please post your questions in advance in the comments section below.

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