Resurgent Capital Services (RCS) has requested a change to the WOR record in the Servicer Update File (SUF) file. In a future update of Collection-Master, the WOR will report the last consumer document date instead of the last document date. The WOR record had not been changed yet to allow RCS servicing firms time to configure their matrix to identify consumer documents. As of 9.1F.004, the RCS Matrix has been enhanced with a new action code DDOC for Consumer Documents. Setup is required to identify all consumer documents and specify them in the Resurgent Capital Matrix with action DDOC.

Resurgent Capital Services SUF Changes

  • WOR Record Change, Matrix Update Required

DDOC Consumer Document Image

For bulk document setup, users can export all debtor documents in 1-7 by printing to Excel-it and then filtering the documents that need setup.

Users can then navigate to Resurgent Matrix 4-2-1-6-1-X, and choose Export to CSV File. This will allow them to update the current Matrix setup with all Debtor documents that might need to be setup with DDOC Action Code.

Note: (Recommend) Always save original copy of file as backup.

Add the Matrix name

Once the table has edited accordingly, save and import the report in the same path menu, 4-2-1-6-1-X> Import from CSV File.

Export to CSV File

  • DSP Record Warning Added

As you may be aware, as of January 20, 2021, RCS will investigate all disputes going forward. Disputes initiated before January 20, 2021 will continue to be the firm’s responsibility. Dispute records are only to be included in the SUF file for disputes the firm is handling. The SUF has been enhanced to include the message below, which will alert you of any DSP records that are included in the current SUF run.

Duplicate Records Encountered

This programing is included in Collection-Master 9.1F.004 or higher.