As part of Vertican’s continuing commitment to add value for our clients, the TRAKAmerica Activity File export program has been enhanced in version 9.1E.002. The program will export the telephone number called with the R19 result code when the user selects “Wrong Number” from the “Call Result” tab of the Collector’s Call Screen:

This programing was previously available only to clients who had approved a custom Statement of Work (SOW).

SOW Body:
Enhance the TRAKAmerica Activity File to export Result Code R19 with the appropriate phone number (CALL_LOG.PHONE_NUMBER) in the comment field. Currently, “Wrong Number” is being exported in the comment field.

The enhancement removes the requirement for the custom program to be registered to export the telephone number called in the Activity File instead of the text “wrong number”. The telephone number will now appear in the comment line with no hyphens, no dashes, no parentheses, and without any additional information as per TRAKAmerica’s standard.

This enhancement is free of charge and is included in the current update 9.1E.002. Also included is a fix for a reported issue where selecting “No Contact” as the “Contact Result” sent an R58 “Phone Contact” to the Activity File. The program will now send the appropriate result code based on the reason for “no contact” that the user selects on the “Call Result” tab. Please see the Release Notes for details.

If you have any questions, please email support.