Do you find yourself needing to re-export data to CMvX?

We’ve designed CMvX date fields to provide ease in re-exporting data to CMvX in the new release of Collection-Master 9.1D.040.

Follow these steps for an easy setup using CM EDI:

  1. Download the CM EDI file using the link below and note the path where the file is saved.

  2. Check Document Management [1-7-1] for documents XVXDT or XCMVXDT already existing in your documents.

    1. If they already exist, you must alter the CM EDI file in lines 2 and 3 and adjust the applicable document names to a unique name.

  3. Go to Import Claims from EDI File [4-2-1-1].

  4. Select Collection-Master EDI Standard.

  5. Locate the saved CM EDI file from Step #1.

  6. [Enter] or OK.

  7. There will now be two documents: XVXDT and XCMVXDT (or the unique names you set up in step# 2a if applicable).

To re-export CMvX data, follow these steps:

1. Go to Review Open Claims [1-1].
2. Enter the claim you needed to re-export CMvX data.
3. Go to Paperless screen.
4. Add Note [F1].
5. Change code to XCMVXDT, if requesting by CMvX record, or XVXDT, if requesting by vX record.

CMvX DateField 1

6. Locate the record that needs to be resent from list.
7. Add starting date from which the data needs to be resent.

CMvX Date Field 2

NOTE: If you need to resend data on multiple claims, you can populate the applicable fields using Merge Pop.