To all firms that have installed Collection-Master 9.1D.022 or recently updated to 9.1D.024 from that version, an issue has been identified when using WPScripts to add a numeric infinity field to a claim. The field does not follow the same rules for the number of decimal places as other dollar amount fields in Collection-Master. For example, when adding a dollar amount of “$100.00” it gets added as “$1.”

This has been corrected in 9.1D.024 which is currently available. However, any infinity fields with dollar amounts that were added using this method while on 9.1D.022 could be incorrect.

It is recommended to update to 9.1D.024 and check any infinity fields that were added with the previous update.

We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause. If you have any further questions please email support or call 1-800-435-7257.