We are closely monitoring how the COVID-19 virus has been impacting our clients and community. Vertican would like to offer some relief to issues the pandemic may have caused to your business.

This Q-Law and Q-LawE Town Hall discussed how to use the module on the new payment arrangement system and Client PTP Rules.

This Town Hall covered:

  • Setting up three different types of payment arrangements:  PIF/SIF/Partial.

  • Setting up Tiered Payment Arrangements.

  • Multiple payments arrangements per file (for each DEB contact).

  • Various Payment Methods.

  • Using the Client PTP Rules.

  • Using the Pre-programmed PTP templates.

  • What the Batch Job 25 does and how it is used for PTP follow-up.

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Access the presentation here and view the recording of Town Hall here.

           Q-Law Town Hall PTP2       Q-Law Town Hall PTP2 Video

We will continue to monitor the situation and offer assistance to our clients whenever possible. For more information, visit our Stimulus Package page. Vertican considers our clients to be partners and realizes that now, more than ever, we need to work together through this complicated time.