Commercial Legal Software, Inc.

37 Years of Industry Leadership

CLS has been partnering with collection professionals for close to four decades. We work tirelessly to offer the best solutions to your problems. The evolution of Collection-Master is astounding. In its first iteration, Stevan Goldman programmed an IBM 5110 mini computer to store all clerk information and then cut cost checks using a dot matrix printer.

Stevan was working in his father’s collection law firm at the time. One of his many responsibilities was to write out the cost checks by hand. In 1977, his father’s checks had five layers. He had to press really hard with a ball point pen to ensure that all five layers were imprinted with the check’s information. At several hundred checks a month, Stevan’s hands began to hurt. He was able to foresee that an investment in technology would greatly decrease human error, free up time, bring higher levels of efficiency to his father’s practice, and most of all, ease his hand cramps. By his own admission, Stevan was trying to make his own job easier.

It was not long after he implemented a new cost check cutting procedure into the office that his full time job became to continuously enhance the efficiency of legal collections and ethical recoveries. It was a revolutionary change. Stevan and his father worked together to create a custom computer system to increase productivity in the office. Once other collection attorneys caught wind of what Stevan was doing for his father’s practice, CLS was born.

Since that day, Stevan and the dedicated folks at CLS have constantly been enhancing Collection-Master to meet the ever changing needs of our industry. Collection-Master was the first collection software to fully integrate with WordPerfect, first collection software to be fully functional on Novell Netware, first to provide EDI capabilities, first to support multiple trust and cost accounts, first to be YGC compatible, first to offer fully integrated credit bureau interfaces, first with a point-and-shoot report generator, first with fully integrated document imaging, and continues to stay at the cutting edge of our industry. From check printing to AutoPost, from green bar paper to the Paperless File, Collection-Master is an ever changing product dedicated to solving the problems of the legal collections industry.

Our latest Collection-Master release is our most exciting yet. As we have done so many times in the past 37 years, we are revolutionizing the collections industry again. We are releasing a suite of features that will have as much of an impact on your office today as the dot matrix printer had in 1977.

And now that we’ve joined Vertican Technologies, Inc. the best is yet to come!