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Nov 8-10
vCon 2017



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  • In-person meetings with forwarders and YGC gurus

  • Attend forwarder-hosted workshops to resolve interface issues

  • Learn how to troubleshoot import/export issues

  • Master YGC tools to improve your interface experience


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  • In-person meetings with your receivers and YGC gurus

  • Host your own workshops to identify and resolve issues with receivers

  • Learn about the power of vExchange

Business Owner

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Business Owner

  • Learn how to use tools that help dissect your operation effectiveness

  • Help shape the development direction of our next generation systems

  • Network with other business owners to grow and develop new partnerships

Accounting Expert

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Accounting Expert

  • Master the accounting tools offered in your software

  • Learn numerous tips and tricks to increase bookkeeping efficiency

  • Face-to-face meetings with accounting gurus to help resolve any issues you may be facing

Workflow Analyst

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Workflow Analyst

  • Keep abreast of the latest bells and whistles your software offers

  • Learn how to best optimize the automation tools to fit your workflow

  • Face-to-face with our BSA (Business System Analyst) to help brainstorm ideas and streamline workflow

Operation Manager

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Operation Manager

  • Better understand your software capabilities

  • Improve the efficiency of your operation

  • Learn about compliance of your operation

What’s new at vCon 2017?

vCon Tracks

Collection-Master Track

The Collection-Master track will explore new and key features of Collection-Master 8.7. In addition, many of the sessions will focus on improving efficiency by utilizing every aspect of Collection-Master. This track is essential in training employees at the beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. Choose which sessions you or your employees should attend based on their individual level of expertise, get hands-on experience, and talk to our Collection-Master experts!

Q-Law Track

The Q-Law track is all about automation. You will learn to customize Q-Law to fit the very unique needs of your business. The Q-Law sessions will equip attendees with the necessary tools needed to improve and maximize productivity. With sessions targeted for all levels, there will be something to learn for everyone!

vExchange/YGC Track

The vExchange/YGC track will explore new and exciting features to come. Attendees will learn how YGC, the most widely used industry data exchange, will become vExchange and the industry standard. You will have a chance to meet the entire YGC team, from developers to client support.

Vertiply Track

The Vertiply track will teach attendees how to analyze compliance data and how to customize reports to client's standards. Key sessions will focus on how to prove your compliance with the tools provided by Vertiply. This track is essential in managing your business and minimizing risk in the current collections industry environment.

vMedia Track

The vMedia track is new and exciting this year! We will be showcasing the recent upgrades to vMedia, which greatly improve document management and tracking. Our experts will show attendees how these key new features minimize time spent importing and how to utilize different functions of vMedia.

The Focus Group

All Vertican Clients are invited to participate!

Vertican Technologies, Inc

Corporate Office: 55 Lane Road, Suite 210, Fairfield, NJ 07004

Wednesday, November 8th

From 10:00am until 4:30pm (followed by a reception)

Vertican needs to hear from you!


  • to get information about the industry so that we can make better decisions that directly affect you
  • to get feedback about our products so that we can make the right improvements for you

Forwarder Meetings

  • This is an opportunity for Forwarders to sit down in person (in groups or individually) and have a meaningful discussion with receivers.

  • vCon 2017 is the ideal environment to allow Vertican into the conversation so we can perfect the interface (matrix) between the forwarder and receiver.

  • At vCon 2017 Vertican experts will be available to identify and seek solutions to issues with the interface during these forwarder meetings.

  • YGC, Collection-Master, and/or Q-Law experts will be available for technical support during meetings (optional).

Our Experts & Presenters

Isaac Goldman
Isaac GoldmanChief Operating Officer
Kurt Sund
Kurt SundChief Technology Officer
Luis Gomez
Luis GomezChief Information Officer
John Currey
John CurreySVP of Technical Services
Nicholas Arcaro
Nicholas ArcaroSVP of Sales
Kevin DeBoo
Kevin DeBooDirector of Client Services
  1. Newark Liberty International Airport
    3 Brewster Rd, Newark, NJ 07114
  2. Get on I-78 W from Express Rd
    6 min (3.5 mi)
  3. Take Garden State Pkwy to NJ-3 W in Clifton. Take exit 153B from Garden State Pkwy
    18 min (16.1 mi)
  4. Continue on NJ-3 W. Drive to US-46 E in Fairfield
    9 min (6.6 mi)
  5. Crowne Plaza Fairfield
    690 US-46, Fairfield, NJ 07004

vCon 2017 Sessions

Session Description Audience Level
Opening Day 1:

Where is Vertican today?

Service Options: Getting the most out of your relationship with Vertican During this session Kevin DeBoo, VT’s Director of Client Services, will review all of the service options available on each of our products to help you make the most out of your relationship with Vertican. N/A N/A
Opening Day 2:

vExchange – Your last EDI

Closing Session N/A N/A
Session Description Audience Level Vote
F.L.E. and E.F.L.E. This is a comprehensive rundown on setting up and using both F.L.E. and E.F.L.E. Automation Workflow Analyst Intermediate/Advanced
YGC Return Data This session will help you understand return data, what does returned records mean, and how to work them in your collection software. Automation Workflow Analyst Beginner/Intermediate
Attorneys On Demand This session will take comprehensive look at how Attorneys On Demand works with Collection-Master. General Beginner
New Debtor Payment Screen This is a step-by-step rundown of the 8.7 new Debtor Payment screen. Bookkeeping Intermediate
CM Security We will do a full system security rundown, show you how to control security from within CM, and how to control security for your CLSINC folder. IT Advanced
Financials 101 Financials 101 covers the basic financial functions of Collection-Master. Bookkeeping Intermediate
Financials 201 Financials 201 covers the advanced financial functions of Collection-Master. Bookkeeping Intermediate/Advanced
Compliance Session This is a compliance session that includes all of our products and how they tie into each other as it relates to compliance. Automation Workflow Analyst Intermediate/Advanced
CM-EDI This session is a basic-to-advanced showing of how CM-EDI can work for you. Automation Workflow Analyst Intermediate/Advanced
3-2 Report Generator ( 8.7 Report Combiner ) This session will give you a complete look at Collection-Master’s 3-2 Report Generator and all of it’s functions. Automation Workflow Analyst Advanced
Infinity Dropdown This is a detailed run-through of how to set up and use the new Infinity Dropdown feature. General Intermediate
Export2PDF Learn how Export2PDF works with Collection-Master and Merge Documents. Automation Workflow Analyst Intermediate
Did you Know? This is a session explaining various unknown features that clients may not know exist in Collection-Master. General Intermediate
CM Automation In this session we cover how to set up various features in Collection-Master to be automated through the Windows Tasks Manager. Automation Workflow Analyst Advanced
Using Formula and Documents This is a basic how-to for using Smart Document formulas in Collection-Master and formulas in WordPerfect. Automation Workflow Analyst Intermediate
Reconciliation We cover a basic reconciliation process, common pitfalls, and steps to take for long lapsed reconciliation. Bookkeeping Advanced
SQL-SYNC 2.0 This sessions explores the next release of SQL-SYNC (v 2.0). It covers the enhancements that have been added to the product since is original release. General Intermediate/Advanced
Session Description Audience Level Vote
Automating Cost Codes and Cost Requests Learn how to correctly set up and program new cost codes and adding the cost codes to the court cost templates. Bookkeeping Beginner/Intermediate
Client and State Handling Options In this session you will learn about State Setup and what rules are affected by client settings. General/Bookkeeping/Automation Workflow Analyst Intermediate/Advanced
Fee Rates, Client Cost Advances and Retainers  and Accomodations Learn how to set up fee rates and our new tier-fee rate structure that is based on the number of days the account is open in Q-Law. Bookkeeping Intermediate
Understanding and Working with Client Invoices Learn how to pay client invoices, undo client invoices and use the Billing Invoice ledger. Bookkeeping Intermediate/Advanced
Batch Posting Payments and Receiver Automation Learn how to batch post payments and information about optional tools that can make the payment posting process even more efficient. Bookkeeping Intermediate 
Case Trust and Reconciling Bank Accounts and Trust Accounts,   Learn to understand the case trust and what causes negative trust balances. Bookkeeping Advanced
Bookkeeping Highlights in Q-LawE SQL Version Discover some of the bookkeeping highlights that will be released in the Q-LawE SQL version. Bookkeeping Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced 
Bookkeeping Round table/Workshop Q & A Session — Join our bookkeeping knowledgeable staff in an open forum to answer your questions and/or receive suggestions on how to manage difficulties you encounter on a regular basis. Bookkeeping Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced 
Document Programming and Automation Session 1 We will provide training on using and managing the Extended Merge data source, how to use and manage DOCIDS, and how to use and manage the custom field table.   General/Automation Workflow Analyst  Beginner/Intermediate
Document Programming and Automation Session 2 Attendees will learn more advanced document automation tools such as: Advanced custom field functions available to pull even more data into documents, the power of the if statement, and how to combine strings in custom fields.     General/Automation Workflow Analyst Beginner/Intermediate 
Advanced Document Automation  In this session, we will learn what DS codes are and how to use document linking at the court and state levels.  General/Automation Workflow Analyst Advanced 
Understanding and Using the Legal Screen In this session, we will take an in-depth look at the legal screen on the account and each of the sub-screens you see.  General/Automation Workflow Analyst  Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced
PTP2 (New Payment Arrangement System) and Client PTP Rules We will cover everything from setting up various type of arrangements, Auto Payment Methods, Using Client PTP rules, using Batch Job 9 and Batch Job 25 to using some of the various report forms provided in the PTP2 system.  General/Automation Workflow Analyst Intermediate/Advanced 
Additional Ways to Attach Documents to Accounts We will discuss options provided to add documents to accounts, such as:  Drag and Drop, Scanning and Doc Batch Import. Learn how barcoding can make the scanning process more efficient and how DDAS can be triggered from all of the methods.  General/Automation Workflow Analyst Intermediate 
Tools You Have Already, But May Not Be Using Session 1 Tools we cover in this session include:  Firm Shorthand, Employer, Bank and Plaintiff tables, creating and using dropdown fields in the special templates, and the preparing Legal Court Assignment Process. General/Automation Workflow Analyst Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced 
Tools You Have Already, But May Not Be Using Session 2 Tools we cover in this session include: Call Manager, Talk Off Scripts, Replacing Data Fields using a CSV file, and Tags. General/Automation Workflow Analyst Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced 
Document Automation Round Table/Workshop Q & A Session — Join our knowledgeable support staff in an open forum to answer your questions and/or receive suggestions on how to automate your documents and merging processes.  General/Automation Workflow Analyst Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced
Workflow Automation Round Table/Workshop  Q & A Session — Join our knowledgeable Support staff in an open forum to answer your questions and/or receive suggestions on how to manage and automate your workflow processes. General/Automation Workflow Analyst Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced
Session Description Audience Level Vote
YGC Analytics This session will cover analytic and operational reporting. General Beginner
YGC Data Exchange We will go into detail regarding the web portal for file transfers and account maintenance. Automation Workflow Analyst, IT Intermediate
Claim Entry This session will cover ad hoc queries and data file creation. General Beginner
Support Library The Support Library session is about the YGC data standard and YGC documentation depository. General  Beginner
Claim Reconciliation We will show you how claim reconciliation allows forwarders and receivers to reconcile inventory by claim and/or by open vs closed status. Automation Workflow Analyst  Advanced
Change Key Process  This session explores how to change the FILENO, FORW_FILE, FIRM_ID, or the FORW_ID of an account. Automation Workflow Analyst  Advanced
PCODE Generator  We take a look at how the client can create new Pcodes to be used in Record09 or Record39. Automation Workflow Analyst  Intermediate
Reset Password Process In this session we will discuss self-service password reset. General  Beginner
vExchange Data Link This session goes over vExchange Data Link. We will explore the new framework, new reports, functionality on all modern web browsers, and new filtering features. General  Beginner
Session Description Audience Level Vote
Vertiply Demo This session is a demonstration of Vertiply that explains what it does and what it looks like. General Beginner
Vertiply Discussion This session is an open forum setting where we discuss what features are most helpful and what clients would like enhanced. IT Intermediate
Session Description Audience Level Vote
vMedia 101 This is a vMedia functionality session for basic users including: Printing to vMedia, Drag & Drop, creating documents for filing to vMedia from WordPerfect, Searching for documents, emailing, refiling, scanning General Beginner
vMedia 201 This session reviews how to use bar codes, MergeMedia, and bulk importers (Hanna, Media Importer, vParser, Spectrum). Automation with Collection-Master is also covered. General Intermediate/Advanced
What’s New in vMedia 2.X We discuss features released since vConference 2016. (Drag & Drop, multiple file type support, Spectrum export) General Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced
vMedia for IT/Admins In this session, we cover how to download and install, License Manager, workstation installation, EXPORT2CM, basic maintenance, cleaning out pending, mutex error, recreating cdx file, and reports. IT Advanced

vCon 2017 Agenda

  • Focus Group meetings
  • Cocktail reception
  • General sessions
  • Breakout sessions
  • Forwarder meetings
  • Conference dinner
  • General sessions
  • Breakout sessions

vCon 2017 Registration

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There is also a $5.99 processing fee if you pay with credit card (VISA or MasterCard only).

Early Bird Rate (Register before 9/12/2017) Rates
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Standard registration closes on October 16th at 11:59 p.m. PST.
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