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Vertican Technologies Inc. provides world class software services and solutions in support of ethical recoveries, helping to make operations more efficient, compliant, and profitable. For over 35 years our products and services have helped us build long lasting client relationships with top ranking businesses in our industry.

We are looking for Application Design Engineers (ADEs) to work in an extremely dynamic environment. With frequently changing client requirements, ADEs engage in client engagement, product design, and testing. Other responsibilities include working closely with the development engineers to ensure new programming meets specifications and client requirements. ADEs at Vertican work closely with the Operations and Project (PjM) Management teams, and Collection-Master Product Owner, to enhance our product offerings. The ability to learn quickly and to work independently and as part of a team is a critical element in the role of an ADE.

Vertican is happy to consider candidates who will work remotely full time for this position.

NOTE: Vertican will not consider any candidate presently employed by one of our clients without prior written authorization to do so.

Key responsibilities for the ADE:

  • Feed the development team with energy and work.

  • Contact clients seeking customization to discuss options that includes existing work-arounds or custom programming.

  • Create statements of work documents in accordance with client requirements.

  • Write user stories to initiate the development process.

  • Work closely with development engineers as a pair or group during the coding process.

  • Test and debug code prior to the Quality Assurance Analysts (QAA) review.

  • Assist with client data conversions as assigned.

  • Set up development engineers with software scenarios that demonstrate duplication of bugs or functional deficiencies to streamline the repair process.

  • Work with clients to resolve new business problems as assigned.

  • Interact with internal and external customers.

  • Accept other responsibilities as assigned.


  • Collection-Master (CM) expertise

  • Has strong knowledge on trials and tribulations of a debt collection law firm

  • Well versed in CM’s strengths and weaknesses

  • Strong knowledge of CM features

  • Complete understanding of CM’s interfaces

  • Deep understanding to CM underbelly – tables, relationships, configurations, etc.

  • Development methodologies

  • Continuously growing knowledge of VT products

  • Continuously growing knowledge of the collections industry

  • Accounting knowledge

  • Aptitude or automation and systemization


  • Problem solver

  • Devises solutions to the business problems at hand, usually through software creation, but not always.

  • Great communicator

  • Ability to find a solution, and break it into understandable documented specs that a skilled coder can consume

  • Focused on the CM application

  • Possess outstanding research abilities and a love for the unknown, and uncovering its secrets

  • Willingness to roll up sleeves and dive in when no one else is willing

  • Not afraid of the unknown

  • Juiced by figuring things out

  • Not easily frustrated or flustered by continuous problems

  • A bridge between Client Services and developers

  • Creative by nature

  • Attention to detail

  • Extreme patience and willingness to spend time needed with coders to maximize their output

  • Well-organized in building templates and consistent documentation to enable coders to grow to self-sufficiency

  • Excellent trainer/instructor

  • Creator of test plans for QA

  • Critical thinking

  • Troubleshooting

  • Complex problem solving

  • Active listening

  • Tolerance for ambiguity

Reports to:
Collection-Master Product Owner

Vertican Technologies offers:

  • Competitive health and wellness benefits including, PTO, 401k, health/dental insurance and much more

  • A top-notch team of dedicated professionals that works together to support multiple product lines

  • A receptive atmosphere for new ideas and methodologies

  • Fantastic facilities that includes an onsite gym, locker room and café

  • A culture that promotes work-life balance

  • A salary commensurate with experience

If you think Vertican Technologies’ Application Development Engineer for Collection-Master role is for you, send your resume to